Lisa Simpson and Jessie Lovejoy attempt girly-girl romp

Hardcore Fuck Simpsons

Hentai Picture: Lisa Simpson and Jessie Lovejoy attempt girly-girl romp
Passing belief, but these warrigal out of this world designed Simpsons valiants know tons about lecherous polony parties, they are not as sackless as you awaited when you view them on TV… Nicely equipped hootchie from Simpsons is shaking with a massive vaginal invasion inside current report… Jessie Lovejoy gets impatient receiving ball load into her anus and letting cum ooze out into some bowl!

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Bart Simpson and Lisa Simpson enjoy intimate fervor

Simpsons Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Bart Simpson and Lisa Simpson enjoy intimate fervor
Find your way around the dimension of Simpsons pussy-pounding the most outrageous sex episodes are always in stock. Let’s follow the lead of a starlet from Simpsons who is getting her cunt hammered off the curb after making purchases a couple of minutes ago… Peccable Lisa Simpson sticks bananas in her esurient gluttonous mouth and executes a stiff sandpapery Double Penetration filmed on HD camera!

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Simpsons Porn Story: Motherly Love I

Simpsons Porn Story: Motherly Love I

This is my first story, I hope you like it. It involves incest (obviously) so if you don’t like it don’t read on. Sorry in advance about spelling errors (if there are any) It may take a while to get into the actual sex. Enjoy!

“Mom, I’m sick!” moaned Bart Simpson. He slowly rolled onto his side and coughed, for added effect. Marge Simpson sat down on his bed beside him and felt his forehead. “Hmmmm, yes you’re very warm, I think you’ll have to stay home today.” Bart did his best to hide his smile. Today was going to be his special day to himself. Last week he bought a new porn film from the Comic Book Guy, titled ‘Mother’s Love.’ You could guess from the title, it was about a (fucking hot) mother pleasuring her son. Incest turned Bart on the most, just thinking about it now gave Bart a rock hard erection. Marge kissed him on the forehead and stood up to leave, “You better rest all day, no Xbox young man.” Bart nodded; he wasn’t planning on videogames today. Marge turned around and walked out of his room, Bart admired the outline of her ass as she walked away. Although there were more attractive women then Marge (not many however) there was no one he would rather be with then his mom. But he wiped those dirty thoughts from his mind, he knew his fantasises would never come true.

Bart waited for the sound of his mom’s car to drive away before making his way downstairs. Marge was taking Lisa to school and then Maggie to Pre-school, she would have to stay with Maggie the entire day. Usually he would watch porn on his computer, but since no one was home, it would be awesome to watch it on a huge TV. He inserted the disk and pulled down his pants. His dick was already prepared for the movie it would seem, his dick stood 10 inches high. The film started, the man (son) was masturbating in his room, when eventually his mom walked in. She was shocked at first but then asked if she could “help him with that.” The mom was so hot, Bart almost came at the very sight of her, but he held it in. She then began to suck her son’s giant cock, and they both moaned with pleasure. Bart was on the verge of shooting his load, his hand going up and down his 10 inch cock. Bart let out a moan of his own as cum shot straight up into the air. At this very moment the door knob turned and the door flew open. Bart was still cumming when his mother walked in through the door, carrying Maggie in one hand and a bag of groceries in the other. She called out “Bart I’m ho – ly shit! Bart what the fuck are you doing!” Marge dropped the bag of groceries and covered Maggie’s eyes. Bart desperately tripped to put his pants back on, but cum continued to shoot out of his dick, making a mess of the living room. The best he could do was shield his still erect penis with his pants. Marge’s eyes were wide, she was shocked. She noticed the porno was still playing and she turned to watch what her perverted son had been watching. The young man held the older women down, pounding her with his cock. The women screamed “fuck me son! Fuck me!” Marge gasped. Her son was not only jacking himself off to porn in the family living room, but it was incest. “I’m going to put Maggie in her room and then I’ll be back to talk.” Said Marge, angrily. “Clean this mess up!” She added as she made her way upstairs. Bart stood in the centre of the room, naked. His dick still standing at full erection, trickles of cum running down his shaft. There was no turning back from this.

Ashamed and embarrassed, he turned off the TV and began wiping the cum from the leather couch, where his family would sit to watch TV almost every day. When he had almost finished cleaning, he heard footsteps descending the staircase. He braced himself for the worst, and turned. His mom, still angry, walked up to him and began shaking him from his shoulders. “What the fuck Bart!” She began. “What were you thinking!?” Bart tried to explain but his mother cut him off. “What if Lisa had walked in on you, huh!? Good thing Maggie is too young to understand!” She let go of him and took a step back, noticing his dick was pointing straight in her direction, as if it were a sword pointed at an angry beast. She noticed then she was being to harsh, but how else was she supposed to handle this situation. “You’re still hard?! Is being caught by your mother some disgusting fetish of yours?!” Maybe it was? She thought to herself. The porno he was watching had been about a mother fucking his son. She noticed then that he was crying, had she really been staring at his cock the entire time? “Bart, I’m sorry, you’re young and you probably don’t understand these feelings you’ve been getting.” She put an arm around his shoulder and sat him down on the couch. His dick is huge! She thought as they sat down, is he still cumming? It was not like it was shooting out like the first few shots she had seen when walking through the door, but she was still amazed none the less. She noticed she was still staring at his cock, and pulled her gaze away. Bart began to speak, for the first time. “Mom, I’m sorry. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help myself. I can’t stop feeling these feelings. Even now, I can’t help being turned on.” This reminded Marge of what she had been like at his age. She could not stop thinking about cock. She hid in the bathroom and watched her dad in the shower or even on the toilet. She remembered when her dad had caught her. He was so angry with her, called her “perverted,” “a freak.” He acted just how she had acted with Bart right now. She knew now what she had to do. “Bart?” she asked. “Do I turn you on?” She already knew the answer to this question, looking at his beautiful cock was proof enough, but she wanted to hear it from him. “Yes.” He said meekly. She gave him a smile. “You know when I was your age Bart; I wanted to fuck my father.” That came as a shock to Bart. Had he heard her right? She continued, “But he would never fuck me, no matter how much I begged. I want you to be happy Bart.” She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Her hand then slowly moved to his cock. “I’ll do whatever you want me to do, sweetie. Anything at all.” She grabbed his cock with one hand, and felt it harden, if that was even possible, it must have been 10 inches long. Bart winced, with pleasure. Bart held back his urge to cum. “Are you sure mom? What about Homer?” Marge giggled. “Fuck Homer.” She said as she began to move her hand up and down his cock.
“I’m yours now Bart. Whenever you want me, I’ll be there.” She moved her head down to Bart’s cock, and licked the pre-cum off his knob. She felt Bart shudder with pleasure. She slowly began to jerk his cock faster. She began to kiss and lick his ball sack. Bart reached down to unzip Marge’s green dress. Marge giggled again. “That’s my boy.” She let go of his cock and stood up. She shrugged off her dress and let it fall to the floor. Underneath her dress, she wore nothing. Bart gazed with amazement. Her breasts were huge, and despite having three kids, did not sag. A small patch of blue pubic hair covered her pussy. “They’re yours Bart, would you like a taste?” Bart nodded in approval. Marge seductively sat on Bart’s lap, her ass rubbing against his firm cock. Bart grabbed one breast cautiously, and Marge pushed the other into his mouth. He sucked on her tit, feeling it get harder. He squeezed the other one and Marge moaned with pleasure. “Would you like to fuck your dirty whore?” asked Marge. Bart did his best to nod, despite having a boob smothering his face. She smiled, and raised her pussy above his cock. Bart pushed his cock inside of her. Marge let out another loud moan as she began to grind her pussy on his cock. Bart’s two hands held her ass as he pounded his cock deeper and deeper. “Cum inside me Bart!” She screamed as his cock pushed deeper still. “Bart mom, what if you get pregnant?” Bart said with genuine concern, continuing to fuck her vagina. Marge chuckled at this question. “Bart, I’m yours remember, whatever you want I’ll do. I’ll have your babies if you want!” That final sentence pushed Bart to the limit, after one more thrust cum shot into Marge’s pussy. They both moaned. Marge felt the cum inside her, she kissed her son passionately. She continued to grind on his dick, and he continued to blow his load into her.

“Remember Bart. . . “ she began, trying to catch her breath as she spoke. “I’m yours to do with what you like. If you tell me to jump on the dining room table during a family dinner and fuck you then and there, I won’t question it.” She smiled and kissed him again. “I’m your slut, sweetie.” She moved her hand down to her pussy, which still had Bart’s cock deep inside. She ran her hand over his ball sack and collected the cum on it. She then licked the cum off her hand, and moaned once more. She then felt his cock begin to harden in her pussy once more. “You want to fuck me again Bart?” She asked, putting on a sweet, innocent voice. Bart smiled and put his hands on her ass cheeks. As he began to fuck her once more, they heard the door knob turned and the door swung open. “Hello, anybody? I’m home!” Announced Lisa. She turned to the couch and saw her mom sitting naked on her brother’s lap, his dick was inside her. “What the fuck?” Said Lisa.

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Mil House hard fuck buxomy Marge Simpson


Hentai Picture: Mil House hard fuck buxomy Marge Simpson
The most pleasurable part for cock-loving cuties from Simpsons is to be involved into wild orgies with some of the best endowed dudes and give their cum slits to be rubbed to the bone by the stiffest dicks. Stylish Marge Simpson hops on a dick, receives cock bum to mouth and takes in the mouth a sweet and hot cumshot… Fair haired Simpsons bitch with full perky tits and a succulent ass gets double-penetrated, tittie-fucked and cock-gagged and gets her meat melons splattered with sperm…

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Marge Simpson loves to touch herself when taking shower in the morning…

Simpsons Hentai Comic

Hentai Picture: Marge Simpson loves to touch herself when taking shower in the morning…
Everywhere you watch in Simpsons planet you are sure to descry goluptious frances full-blooded spoilers, sexy long legs, sleek bellies, exceeding baps and swelling bores willing to bang. A hottie from Simpsons DPed between two huge cocks that spray her pretty face with hot sperm. Marge Simpson gets done in her backdoor and vagina till she oozes jizz out of her two fuck holes!

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Ms Krabappel loves it when fellow can hold her weight on his spunk-pump… and Ned can!

Free Simpsons Hentai

Hentai Picture: Ms Krabappel loves it when fellow can hold her weight on his spunk-pump… and Ned can!
Sunburnt Ned Flanders has blurred herself and shovers her forks one after another into her Cimmerian drain. Simpsons teens get caught in the fuck craze: it’s the first time you see them like that lustful and fuck-caving… Another fuck-obessed hottie from Simpsons sports an awesome pair of tits to expose to us and she never refuses anyone who comes up with a hard-on!

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Simpsons Porn Story: Love Thy Neighbor Chapter 13

Simpsons Porn Story: Love Thy Neighbor Chapter 13

A/N: Okay this chapter will be a flashback. This idea actually came to me at the last minute so if it seems out of place then that is the reason. I know that there are a few things from chapter 3 that I should probably fix now because of that, so when I get the chance I will. So try to ignore some of the problems and try to enjoy this chapter.

Ned paced back and forth in his kitchen and stared out the window at his backyard. There was nothing planned for the day, just to stay home and listen for any calls from the Simpson house. Marge would be gone all day for a court hearing and the kids were left alone with Homer. He would be their emergency contact if anything bad happened and he prayed that nothing would. For some strange reason though, he felt he needed to head on over to the house for a visit. The last time he saw Homer was at least a month or two ago when he went to church for possibly the final time. Ned didnt get to talk to him because everyone else was around him asking him how he was doing and that he was tougher than he looked. Ned felt so bad for Homer and he remembered when Marge told him that his health had fallen. She had been so strong when she said it and it made him wonder how they both handled it. At least they were able to say goodbye properly.

Continue reading

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Horny Marge Simpson is going to her bedroom and looks like she could use some company…

Simpsons Hentai Comic

Hentai Picture: Horny Marge Simpson is going to her bedroom and looks like she could use some company…
See some of the best Simpsons drawings featuring babes being filled with long fuck sticks, or watch on the initiation of a inexperienced girl into raunchy lesbian acts… It’s time to fill up this well-endowed Simpsons slut featuring a hot pair of ass cheeks and a fuck-ready snatch. Bosomy Marge Simpson having fun with her round titters, losing her tiny panties and showing off her sweet pussy!

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Marge Simpson gets nailed from behind… by this guy is definitely not Homer!

Simpsons Hentai Comic

Marge Simpson gets nailed from behind… by this guy is definitely not Homer!
This post deals with No one else but the cutest teens from Simpsons toon and gets them in all kinds of raunchy deeds… Characters are so much perverted Marge Simpson that they are ready to fuck anywhere, each day and putting all of their nasty imagination to it ! Here is the scene of the most uncontrolled dissollute Simpsons XXX that are fucking an unfledged cartoon chick one hottie and one nottie!!

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Marge Simpson is about to get her very first lezzie practice… does she wants this or not

Simpsons Hentai Video

Marge Simpson is about to get her very first lezzie practice… does she wants this or not
Another young hottie from Simpsons series got those perfect big boobs to demonstrate us and she cannot even think of skipping any male around… Tit-feeling and pussy-rubbing is the mode in which every Simpsons porn action to start, but one can never foresee what it will come down to!! It is obvious that Marge Simpson lusty beauties haven’t beendrilled and for years and years!…

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