Simpsons Pornography Story : I Spy – Two

Simpsons Pornography Story : I Spy – Two

The next morning marge was in the kitchen first having made coffee and preparing to make breakfast for the family. Lisa shuffled in wearing her robe shaking out her long golden hair. “Well! Good morning sleepy-head!” marge said cheerfully handing over a hot cup. “‘Morning, Mom” lisa said blearily. “Thanks.”

“Well you look dreadful.”

“I have an excuse Mom” smiled lisa.

“Mmmmm… and what might that be dear” asked her mother absently.

“All that noise you and Homer were making last night.”

“Oh I’m sorry did we wake you honey” marge asked looking surprised.

“Yeah it’s okay though.” lisa said.

Lisa looked at marge. They had always had a good relationship more like friends than mother and daughter and lisa knew she could talk about sex with
her mother openly.

“Is homer good in bed Mom” asked lisa almost innocently. Marge blushed even through her early summer tan.

“Well, er… yes, I’d ah… I’d have to say he was very good” stammered marge. “But it’s not something a young girl asks about her father dear”

“Why Mom”

Lisa had her there marge realized.

“Ah… I… I don’t know it just isn’t the done thing that’s all.”

“But, Mom I thought you said for me to ask you anything about sex I wanted to know. You said anything at all remember”

Marge swallowed uneasily. This was going to be difficult. She tried desperately to think of a reason not to answer lisa’s question but couldn’t
think of one. Remembering how her own mother had avoided the subject of sex at all costs marge decided to be candid with her daughter. years ago lisa
herself had been the result of marges’s own dismal ignorance of sex.

“Okay, honey” said marge finally. “What exactly do you want to know”

“Nothing,” replied the young girl nonchalantly. “I was just wondering if you and homer did some of the things I’ve heard about at school that’s all.”

“And what sort of things have you been hearing at school”

“You know… weird things…”

“You’re going to have to be more explicit than that dear. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Well sherri and terri and some of the other girls talk about sucking a guy’s thing…. you know his um… cock. Do you and homer do that sort of

Marge almost went back on her promise to herself about telling lisa the truth. But lisa’s unashamed frankness prevented her. The last thing she
wanted was lisa growing up disgusted with sex in any of it’s forms. “Yes sometimes we do, honey” marge admitted.

Lisa’s eyes lit up like birthday candles.

“And um… does homer do the same for you too You know lick your pussy”

“Sure” said marge with a grin of insecurity.

Lisa felt her own pussy moisten at the thought of homer’s tongue licking marge’s hairy wet cuntslit to orgasm.

“Is he good, Mom”

“Mmmmmm the best baby” admitted marge feeling suddenly much more comfortable about talking to lisa on so personal a subject.

Lisa felt a sudden wetness between her thighs as her excitement leaked out through her panties and dampened the chair. She fought the urge to touch
herself crossing her legs instead.

“Does homer have a big cock she asked remembering that it had been too dark to see much the night before.

“Now you’re getting a little too personal, dear” smiled marge. “At least let homer and I have a few secrets”

“Aw, mom!” frowned lisa. After last night she was eager for more juicy titbits from her mother.

“All I’ll say honey is that homer is well-endowed okay Now why don’t you go and take a cold shower young lady” giggled marge.

Lisa smiled. “Okay Mom” she said walking down the hallway. Before entering the shower lisa surveyed herself in the mirror. What she saw
pleased her mostly fair skin but with a few too many freckles (never mind that most of her friends at school told her they were sexy) a pair of
slightly bloodshot blue eyes and a very attractive face. Her nose was a little too big she thought, but no one ever complained. Her best features
the ones she knew would always get the boys to look still pleased her.

Her hair was straight and long stopping just below her waist like a golden-blonde waterfall. And her eyebrows which matched her hair exactly.
Some of the bolder boys like jimbo jones had asked her if her “other” hair was so perfectly matched. Sometimes if the boy was cute lisa playfully
invited him to see for himself that it was.

Her budding breasts weren’t as large as she wanted but at her age they were well proportioned to her lithe young body. Her waist was slender and she was trim. Principal Skinner had told her she had an athletic looking body but he was always complimenting the more mature looking girls trying to get into their pants no doubt.

Principal skinner was kind of cute though she mused. She wondered what his cock looked like maybe if she played her cards right he’d even let her see it. Lisa stepped into the shower and soaped up thinking of marge and homer’s performance last night. She didn’t masturbate she never could in the shower but she did feel much better after she’d cleaned up and put on what little makeup she usually wore. She brushed her long hair still wet and used the blow-dryer for about ten minutes. It was still damp when she stopped to answer the knock on the bathroom door.

Homer stood in the hallway wearing jogging shorts and, as lisa looked more closely… trying to keep an erection down. lisa wore her robe but was naked
underneath and it showed. By the way he was staring at her homer hadn’t missed it either. Lisa smiled and let homer into the bathroom while she
returned to the kitchen and the smell of bacon and eggs. Marge’s t-shirt was outside of her shorts now something lisa noticed quickly.

“I see homer’s said good morning to you.” she said. marge glanced down at her top then looked over at lisa grinning.

“Yeah, the animal!” she added with a wink.

They ate breakfast when homer returned and afterwards marge braided lisa’s long blonde hair. Then she took her shower with homer. Lisa tried
unsuccessfully to ignore the sounds of splashing fun coming from the bathroom but it was no good her easily-aroused young pussy became instantly
moist at the very thought of marge’s and homer’s naked wet bodies sliding sensually against each other under the steamy cascading water.

Afterwards marge and homer went out shopping while lisa contented herself with sunning on the patio reading a new book by her favorite author. Her
parents had offered to take her along but lisa knew they wanted to be alone. Lisa lied about having to go out to a friend’s house just wanting to relax
by herself for a while. She’d tell them her friend called to cancel as soon as they got back home. In the meantime, lisa worked on her tan hoping that
her freckles would blend into a semblance of a tan at least. It was pretty and quiet in springfield this time of year but still warm and lisa only
stayed in the sun for a short while before moving into the shade. She read for about an hour and a half then dozed off.

Lisa awoke stretching like a cat and then stood up. The light coating of sun-screen still glistened on her skin and felt slippery since she’d
perspired during her nap. She picked up her towel and turned to enter the house when she saw marge and homer inside. They obviously didn’t know she
was home and hadn’t seen her lying in the shade. Lisa watched through the large glass doors her eyes wide blinking in amazement or sleepiness. Marge
lay on her back on the sofa her ass at the edge of the cushions. She was naked with her legs high in the air and homer was crouching between her
thighs rolling his face around in her open cunt.

Her mother was shaking and rocking her hips grinding her cunt up into homer’s face obviously enjoying his tongue. Sexy Lisa Simpsons wondered what to do as she
watched. Somehow they’d come back while she’d dozed off and hadn’t seen her out here. Homer made marge come in a gasping orgasm which made lisa very wet and she wanted to finger her pussy but she didn’t dare. She didn’t want them to catch her watching them let alone masturbating while she did!

Her parents swapped places and now marge was sucking on homer’s cock. In the daylight lisa could see that marge’s comments on the size of homer’s cock were an understatement. The thing was huge! The sight of his jutting organ sent a sensual thrill through her adolescent young body and lisa squeezed her legs together in a vain attempt at relief. She picked up her book and ducked behind a wall, still watching her parents antics with growing

Lisa watched as marge sucked homer’s cock with practiced expertise. marge’s naked body was smooth and evenly tanned except for the small light areas
that showed the tiny bikini she normally wore. Lisa could clearly see her mother’s open cuntslit wet with homer’s saliva and was only mildly surprised
to find that the sight of her of a glistening pink gash excited her almost as much as the sight of a rock-hard cock. Concealed by the wall lisa slipped
a hand beneath the waistband of her pants and began fingering her pussy as she stared with lust at at her horny parents. To the young girl it seemed
like homer’s erect prick was almost a foot long. She didn’t know how on earth marge was taking it so far into her mouth but she was anxious to find

Lisa felt her feet moving and she felt as though someone else was controlling them. As she moved it came to her that she was going to walk in
on them and she prepared an “excuse”. If they objected or were embarrassed she would simply go to her room then shower off from her sunbathing. If they didn’t object then…well, she’d see.

Lisa took a deep breath and opened the door walking in and closing it carelessly behind her. Just as she entered marge looked up and homer began
to shoot. Marge and lisa locked eyes for a moment then lisa’s were drawn to the thick white cum spurting against marge’s tits. Marge looked down paused then gulped down homer’s spurting cock making him cry out loudly. Homer hadn’t seen her yet his eyes were tightly shut as he groaned out his orgasm in exquisite bliss. Marge looked up and nodded towards the hallway. Lisa took one long last look at homer’s slimy cock and tiptoed quickly towards her room.

Lisa had noticed the wetness and colour of marge’s aroused cunt it excited her strangely. As she walked she could feel the slipperiness of her own
pussy and the tight stiffness of her little nipples. Lisa heard her marge whisper something to homer and the sound of hasty dressing.

Lisa decided to take a shower in an attempt to cool down her incestuous arousal and had just gotten undressed when she heard a soft knock at her door.


“It’s me lisa can I come in for a moment” marge’s muffled voice ask.

“Yeah! Come in Mom!” said lisa hastily wrapping a towel around her naked body.

The door opened and marge entered the room. She was fully dressed now but her face still held a rosy flush of sexual excitement.

“Can I talk to you about what happened just now” asked marge.

Lisa looked embarrassed and a little frightened. She was certain her mother was going to give her a good chewed-out for spying on them.

“I’m really sorry Mom!” she spluttered “I won’t ever do it again honest! I just couldn’t help but notice you and homer fu… um.. doing it!”

Marge smiled at lisa and sat down on the bed next to her.

“Hey… hey… You’re not in any trouble lisa. ” she crooned hugging her affectionately. “I’m not going to get mad at you for a little natural adolescent curiosity.”

“You’re not”

“No! In fact your father and I both agree that we should be more open with you rather than trying to hide what we do behind closed doors. Now that you’re at that age where girls start to experiment with sex. we both want your first experiences to be as open and as pleasurable as possible.”

“You mean you told homer I saw you um… s..sucking his thing just now” asked lisa fearfully.

“Sure!” smiled marge. “He was a little surprised at first but when I told him about the lecherous way you were staring at his cock, I think he actually started to get hard again.”

“MOM! That’s disgusting!” exclaimed lisa but she couldn’t suppress a faint mischievous little smile at the thought of homer getting aroused by her.

“Not to me it’s not honey” chuckled marge “And don’t be so smug I know you want to get your hands on your father’s big cock. I could see it in your eyes as you watched me suck him off just now. Am I right”

Lisa lowered her eyes and nodded silently squiggling uncomfortably on the bed. Her mother was right the sight of homer’s long thick erection glistening with saliva and cum had been a tremendous turn-on for lisa. Even now her little pussy was still itching with arousal at the very thought of homer’s huge cock.

“Don’t be ashamed lisa” said marge hugging lisa close. “I had the same feelings about my father when I was your age. I guess nearly every little girl does at some stage or another.”

“Really” chirped lisa happy that she was not alone in her incestuous fantasies.

“Sure. But not every girl is lucky enough to get a chance to actually do anything about it” said marge with a sly little grin.

“You don’t mean that you and… grandpa simpson …. actually….. ”

“….fucked” marge said finishing her daughter’s question for her. “We still do sweetheart. Your grandfather is hardly an old man you know and believe me he can still give homer a run for his money in the bedroom.”

Lisa was getting very wet between the legs listening to marge’s startling family revelations. The thought of her grandfather fucking her mother was intensely arousing to her. She squirmed her ass on the bed and parted her thighs a little in a vain attempt to alleviate the hot burning itch emanating from her aroused pussyslit.

Marge could see that lisa was getting sexually excited and decided that the mood was right to do something about it. She’d had several sexual encounters with other women in her life and even though homer usually kept her fairly well satisfied in bed (and anywhere else he could get his cock into her without being arrested) occasionally marge had the urge to sample a little female flesh for a change. Watching her gorgeous young daughter squirming her naked little ass around on the bed was making marge horny too.

“What’s wrong, honey” she asked stroking lisa’s exposed thigh.

Lisa’s pussy moistened at marge’s touch and instinctively she opened her thighs wider unconsciously inviting the hand on her thigh to venture further.

“I.. er…. I.. um.. don’t know Mom. I feel kinda funny!”

“Good `funny’ or bad `funny’ lisa” asked marge letting her fingers slide up under the hem of the towel which just covered lisa’s furry little crotch.

“Good… I guess” murmured lisa. After all she had seen and heard today marge’s touch excited lisa much more than she would admit to.

“Do you want me to stop lisa” asked marge. “I will if you feel uncomfortable about this.”

“! No don’t stop….” said lisa her voice almost a whisper as she lay her head against her mother’s shoulder. “I want you to touch me Mom”

“I am touching you lisa” teased marge inching her hand further up under the edge of the towel.

“No… t..touch me between the legs Mom” lisa panted “Please stroke my pussy. I’m so hot and wet down there.”

“Oooooohhh my sexy little lisa! I bet you are!” moaned marge. “Watching Mommy suck Daddy’s cock got you all horny didn’t it lisa”

“Ummmmmmm yessss! But looking at your pussy got me hot too” admitted lisa. “Uuuuhhh, please Mom…… feel how hot I am!”

With a low moan marge dropped to her knees on the floor between lisa’s legs at the same time pulling the towel away from her daughter’s body. For a moment she just stared at lisa’s body drinking in her daughter’s budding nakedness. Then with her face down close where she could see marge slid her hand between lisa’s smooth legs.

The touch was light and sensual. Lisa’s legs opened wider and her lips parted in a sigh of arousal. Marge’s hand lingered a little longer then she began rubbing her fingers gently along lisa’s cuntslit. Lisa looked down watching marge caress her almost hairless pubes. Marge’s mouth was only inches from her pussy. The sight aroused lisa almost as much as the sensations marge’s fingers were producing in her quivering loins.

Instinctively lisa’s hand moved and touched her mother’s head lightly. To marge it was a silent invitation and she leaned forward and kissed lisa’s pussy, then she began to lick and kiss her way up her daughter’s naked body. Lisa seemed to move on automatic. She leaned forward tilting her head slightly and then it happened. Their lips met in a kiss. Lisa was surprised at how warm and soft her mother’s lips were. Their breasts touched lightly making lisa’s nipples stand up even harder. When they parted lisa gazed into the eyes of her mother her own eyes wide with wonder at the new experience.

Marge stood up and quickly removed her clothes wanting to feel lisa’s soft naked flesh against her own. Lisa lay back watching marge undress her legs still wide apart and her hot little pussy slit gleaming with wetness. Lisa couldn’t help the little gasp of pleasure which escaped her lips when marge’s naked tits jiggled into view. They were so big, and creamy and firm-looking with large pink nipples that now stood stiffly erect a testament to her mother’s arousal.

Trembling with excitement lisa reached out and touched her mother’s breasts. This was the first time she’d ever touched another woman sexually. The soft flesh was so warm and exciting. Marge’s full orb drew lisa’s hand into a cup shape which she slid over the end of marge’s breast.

Marge’s hands slid down and cupped lisa’s tiny ass kneading it softly. Lisa’s whole body trembled as though she were going to have an all-over orgasm. Marge trembled at lisa’s nervous excitement and she leaned down taking one of lisa’s tiny nipples between her lips. As she sucked on it biting down delicately lisa gasped and pressed her soft tit into her mother’s face. Marge pulled on the other nipple with her fingers then gently sucked lisa’s conical little tit almost entirely into her mouth.

Marge’s breathing was shallow and ragged and lisa could feel her cunt leaking warm cream down her thigh where they pressed against each other. Lisa felt like she was on fire. She grabbed marge’s face and kissed her. It was nothing like the daughterly peck she usually gave her mother. It was one of the most passionate kisses she’d ever given. Marge returned it with her hands exploring the lean smooth texture of lisa’s slender body.

When their kiss broke lisa burned with desire a carnal lust that transcended gender and sexual taboos. She bent and licked around marge’s nipple then sucked hard on the erect bud. Marge cradled lisa’s head to her breast and felt lisa sucking and licking her tit suckling her just like she had done as a baby. But now it was different her little sucking mouth sent shivers of lust to the core of Marge’s being.

Lisa’s right hand slid between marge’s legs stroking tentatively at first then more eagerly. Her own pussy spasmed when her fingers discovered that her mother’s cunt was soaking wet. Her fingers slid back and forth through the hot slippery cuntlips then lisa sighed as her finger slid into her mother’s body. Marge gasped rocking her hips forward against lisa’s exploring hand trembling with excitement.

Marge crawled between Lisa’s legs and spread her pussy-lips with her thumbs. Then before lisa fully understood what was happening marge pressed her mouth over lisa’s gooey little cunt and began to nibble and suck. Lisa threw back her pretty blonde head and moaned loudly. She couldn’t believe it. Her own mother was sucking her pussy!

The feel of a mouth and lips on her hotly aroused little cunt felt utterly fantastic and that tongue… marge’s wonderful long tongue… swirling around inside her probing and delving like a wiggly little cock. Marge began sucking lisa’s pussy like a puppy-dog, lapping lisa’s free-flowing juices and sliding her hands up and down lisa’s thighs. Lisa gasped for breath her stomach heaved in and out and her legs trembled. Marge sucked and licked and lisa shuddered. A wave washed over her starting in her cunt and spreading outward returning to her twat as a flood of thick creamy juice to be greedily lapped up by her ravenous mother.

Lisa lay back exhausted her body weak and flushed. Marge crawled up beside her and kissed lisa’s tits then kissed lisa on the mouth. Lisa tasted her own juices not for the first time but certainly the most erotic. Marge’s lips were slick and their tongues danced. Soon marge was gasping for breath sucking off lisa had excited the woman so much that her own cunt demanded immediate attention. She took lisa’s hand and plunged three fingers into her horny gash fucking them in and out as she kissed lisa passionately. Lisa sensed marge’s urgency she was highly aroused. Her mother had given her so much exquisite pleasure and lisa suddenly wanted to return the favour.

Instinctively lisa moved her head between marge’s thighs and tentatively tongued her mother’s swollen pussylips. Her tongue licked lightly over the glistening slit, finding her clit at the top, all swollen and hard. Marge’s hips jerked as lisa continued to lick circles around it. Soon lisa’s chin was slick with the juices seeping from marge’s sex and her little tongue was sliding all around. Lisa loved the feeling on her tongue and her face. The smooth, warm slippery wetness excited her and the musky scent of her mother filled her nostrils.

“Put your fingers in me lisa” marge said breathlessly.

Lisa did. First one finger then two then a third. Marge’s hips bucked and lisa flicked her tongue over marge’s swollen clit. She felt the spasms around her fingers the grasping pulsing squeezes as marge began to cum instantly. Lisa shoved her fingers in deep moving her hand back and forth until her mother moaned loudly and began shuddering. Marge’s hips ground against lisa’s invading fingers and her hand pushed lisa’s face tightly against her cunt. When lisa pulled her fingers out they glistened with her mother’s cream a few whitish globs clinging to her fingers. Lisa licked her fingers off savoring it like a fine sauce.

They lay on the bed for some time, hugging and kissing each other tenderly. They had shared something very special and each felt closer to the other than they’d ever been before. Marge and lisa had become lovers.


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