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Simpsons Porn Story: A Random Fic Chapter 1

Simpsons Porn Story: A Random Fic Chapter 1

”Duff Man doesn’t like
kotage cheese and war for the same Ya,”Duff mean said as
He and and Principle Skinner were talking about him being the school

”Now Duff
Man,”Skinner began,”why would you make a better mascot than
Bumbilbee Man.”

”Because Duff Man is
great with Ya!”Skinner gave him an odd look.

”Why do you
say ‘Oh Ya’ after everything?”

”It was a sideeffect of
some headach medcin I took when I was a Ya!Duff Man never saw
it No!!”

”I am sorry to hear
that Duff Man,by the way,what is your real name?”

”Duff Man can’t tell
you,cause Duff Man is under contract,Oh Legaly Binding Ya!”

Well it was very short so
there isn’t mutch to review but plz r&r any way,thx.

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Simpsons Porn Story: the simpsons into the darkness

Simpsons Porn Story: the simpsons into the darkness

the darkness

ran, ran for her life, she had no idea where she was going, in what
direction or where she would end up, all she knew was to run away
from the direction she had came, run as far and as fast as she could.
It was made all the more difficult as it was night, it was cold and
foggy and worst of all she was in a forest. As she ran, her muscles
ached, they were hot and screamed at her, she tried to ignore it, the
adrenalin pumping, her heart racing and her pants for oxygen all
fuelled by the images constantly rolling around her mind. What had
set off as a night out to remember had turned into a night of terror
and death. She cried as she ran, she didn’t know what had become of
Homer, Lisa or bart. Maggie she knew was safe, safe from this horror,
but her children….what had happened to them. Fatigue swept over
her, she gasped for air, her running slowed, she came to a stop at a
large tree, she leant on it, rolled and placed her back on it.
looked upwards, through the trees should make out stars, the trees
were quite dense, but they were there she could see some, the moon
also, barely visible but for the movement of the tree tops in the
soft wind she wouldn’t have seen it. Everything was quiet except
for her pants, she ached, suddenly she jumped and brushed something
from her arm, she realised it was the strap to her dress, in the
running through the trees it must have snagged and torn and was now
hanging loosely being blown in the wind and brushing her arm, her
scratched arm, she then noticed she was covered down her arm, both
arms with small twig and branch scratches, like marge…just like
marge she tried to pull up the loose strap and tidy herself.
she was alone, she was slightly embarrassed, she could so easily have
lost the upper part of her dress, exposing her self, though to no
one, something she wasn’t akin to doing, she laughed, barely, then
the memories returned and the laughter stopped, she pressed against
the tree, her vision was blurred, she knew she was crying or
beginning to, she gritted her teeth and tried to stop, no time for
weakness now, she had to be strong, she had to get out of here and
tell someone of what she had seen. She recalled.
had driven up to the mansion, all exclaiming how wonderful it had
looked in the evening son, its grandeur, elegance, reeking of avarice
yet at the same time looking worn and needy of repair. They parked
there hired car in the allotted spaces, homer had said he could never
have brought his family to such an occasion with their car, all being
dressed so well and arriving in the pink jalopy, they stepped out,
bart and homer in their suits, Lisa in a new red dress and she in a
new slinky black dress, a little number as homer had put it. It was
nice, she had indeed fell in love with it the first time she had seen
it, she hadn’t fallen in love with the price, but the dress was
gorgeous. In the bedroom that night as she had put it on, it had
indeed fitted well, accentuating he figure, pulling in all the right
places, she had been uncomfortable with the idea of not wearing a bra
but for one she didn’t have the suitable bra for such a dress, two
it did hold quite well where needed and three as homer said, it made
him horny at the mere thought.
had seemed so well planned, they had entered the building, the man or
rather butler who had opened the door knew their names, though she
had never set eyes on him before, the hall was large, well lit and
warm, two opposing staircases were before them, both curving around
to meet each other then joining into one set rising to the next
level, red carpeted, marble everywhere, the chandeliers casting the
enormous light over the enormous hall, they were all in awe at its
beauty. People were milling, talking and drink champagne, waiters
walked around with platters of food and drinks amongst the guests,
all were well dressed, some looked rich and important, few, very few
were known to marge, why had they been invited in the first place,
she didn’t know or care the atmosphere swept them away.
they knew it, the kids had been swept away to separate rooms
especially prepared for their young minds and needs, leaving the
adults to drink and be merry without the distraction or worry of
there offspring. Marge and homer linked arms and walked around, they
were uncertain of whom to talk to or what to say, that worry was with
them for less than two minutes as people approached and started
conversation with them, as if they were the hosts, or the VIP’s and
it all seemed so natural, no heirs or graces they spoke on an even
keel as if they had all been friends for years. Time flew and a few
drinks later they had been in the main room, it was glorious, set out
for the many people with perfectly set tables, flickering candles and
wine and glasses, marge and homer had been ushered to their table.
had looked over at each other and they had felt so young, it was if
they were courting again, marge felt not tipsy or drunk but calm and
good within herself, she knew she had only had two drinks, it was
either strong or drugged something she would have never considered
until now, that was when things had gone down hill, the lights had
been lowered and all were drinking and eating, soft music was being
played by a small group to the side, marge had heard not a shriek but
an exclamation of surprise, she turned to look, the room seemed to
move slowly as she did so, the wine or champagne was going to her
head or the mixture of them both, off the side of the room a door was
open and people were pouring out, it was hard to tell in the light
and through the drink, but dark shapes were definitely coming out of
the room.
caught sight of the source of the noise, it had been a well dressed
man, early thirties perhaps, he was sat opposite his wife, or
girlfriend, marge suspected mistress, she was much younger than he,
she had noticed them earlier once in the main hall, and made her
assumption then, he was sat bolt upright a shear look of shock and
horror on his face, marge noticed that one of the figures she noticed
was behind her, his arm was snaked around her neck and had pulled it
back, the figures head was on her neck, she could see doing what,
what she did notice though was the figures arm not only was around
her neck but his hand was plunged deep down the front of the woman’s
dress and was definitely fondling her.
could only stare agape and in shock, the figures, perhaps four or
five now were filtering around the guests, but only the outer circle
of the tables, this is when the first thoughts had occurred to marge,
had it all been planned had they been purposely placed like this,
then another exclamation, closer this time marge had no need to turn
her head as it was slightly to her right, again a man, this time
stood as his wife, her head pulled back with a figure behind her his
head in her neck and his hand not down her dress but grasping firmly
on her left breast, squeezing it. Then the head moved, and marges
eyes opened in horror as she saw blood, the figure looked up, not at
her but in their direction, his mouth dripped with the blood of his
victim, the dark red life force of the woman dripping from his chin.
and homer both shaking stood, knocking their table, the wine and it
contents spilling over onto the white table cloths, with no thought
she turned and homer looked at her and simply said run, she saw him
turn and start in the direction they had come from, suddenly marge
was frozen, her body refused to move, she turned back to the
commotion, the figures were moving through the outer guests tables
like shadows, gliding almost, another scream, that was the catalyst
marge needed, a figure moved in her direction, she knew she had been
chosen as its next victim, her body reacted instantly, like a rabbit
she turned and was gone.
was no where to be seen, she had failed him, failed to keep up with
him, would he realise and stop and return, she didn’t know, she
guessed or rather hoped in that instant that he was aiming for the
room in which the kids were being kept, or at least through the door
they had been taken, that was her instinct she hoped it would be his,
she aimed for that direction. The hall, though emptier than before
seemed busier as people were running like her, fear was also in their
faces like hers, she saw the front door open and though her mind said
flee she aimed towards the door she knew the kids had been taken, she
ran into it arms out and pulled the handle, it gave and she was
inside she closed the door behind her, the noise from the hall was
heart beat wildly, those people, who were they, what were they,
vampires, surely not, that was only in myth and Hollywood, but she
had seen it, seen those poor woman, the blood, she forced the images
from her mind and turned to the task ahead, the kids, where were they
where was homer, did he have the kids, were they safe, were they
looking for her, for all she knew she could be running into danger as
they sped away to safety. Luckily as she had come through the door,
there was no choice to be made, there was simply only one direction
the hallway went, she followed it, it wasn’t bright, but there was
sufficient light to see, the hallway was long and she could see doors
approaching on either side as she ran, she had decided not to call
out though she desperately wanted to as people she didn’t want to
know would know where she was.
first door she encountered was locked, so was the second third and
fourth, she didn’t care, she knew the kids had been brought this
way, she would try every door if she had to, hopefully she would hear
them, then she could take them and be gone from this place. Door
after door she encountered was locked but she kept on going, then up
ahead a figure appeared from one of the doors, she slowed her
running, the light was too dim to make out who it was, as she neared
she could see it wasn’t bart or Lisa and her heart sank, though
when she gauged from the figures height it was a child she smiled, it
or as she neared saw he was taller than bart, possibly thirteen or
fourteen she called out “Hey” the boy started to turn, she called
out barts name then lisas and increased her speed.
boy turned, as she looked at his face marge gasped and suddenly
slowed, trying to stop almost tripping on the carpet, his face was
ashen, almost pale, his eyes were black, dead looking, he grimaced at
her and she saw the teeth, the sharp fang like teeth, nooo she
whispered, her hand pressing the wall stopping her two possibly three
feet from the boy….creature, then he leapt at her hissing. Her
hands reached out to stop him, as if he was expecting the defensive
manoeuvre he swiped away one of her arms with such strength she was
taken aback, his free hand grasped her upper arm and with power
belaying his build he pushed her roughly against the wall, marge knew
she was in trouble, the mere fact she was some what taller than him
she guessed saved her from the same fate she had seen befall some of
the guests.
now pinned against the wall looked down at him, his hands were firmly
gripping her upper arms, he was close to her, very close looking up,
hissing, she could see his dark eyes looking at her, looking at her
neck and probably how to get to it, she tried to fight but it was
useless, he was pressed against her, she couldn’t move her legs in
a kicking fashion nor could she move her arms he was far too strong,
she felt his hot breath rising up to her as he breathed quickly,
almost exited, like an animal, closer he moved, pinning her more,
then his attention changed and to her horror she saw him smile,
evilly, he groaned and she gasped as she suddenly felt his groin
begin gyrating into hers, she could feel his bulge, his hardening
penis pressing into her groin, no she said suddenly renewing her
struggle, but it was useless, he was far too strong, he looked down
and then forwards again she heard the groaning.
gyrating stopped and she felt him simulating the coupling action, she
could feel his very hard penis pushing against her vagina, then her
arms were free, the pressure gone from them was like a relief, then
his young hands fell onto her breasts and she felt them being
fondled, his strength was such he could have ripped the thin fabric
from her body, but his touch was gentle almost caring, without a
second thought marge yelled and with all her might hit the child on
the side of the head, he grunted in pain and his small frame was
thrown to the side and to the floor, she was free, in a nanosecond
she was off down the hall away from this…..monster.
had barely got ten feet when another door opened and this time she
recognised the uniform of the butler who had ushered them in, and
taken her children, her heart leapt for joy, she called and looked
back, still seeing the child on the floor, though up on all fours, he
appeared groggy, the kids the kids she said, she turned and ran
headlong into the waiting butler, marge screamed as she saw the same
pale face and blackened eyes, this time she felt she was going to
die, he was as tall as her and could easily get her neck, he seemed
to look past her at the child, then as if he felt challenged by the
child, or perhaps the risk of losing his prey to the child he simply
swept marge off her feet with one hand, he quickly moved up the hall
with her under the arm like a rag doll.
resigned to dying, then she felt the force of an impact from behind,
the child had not given up his prey, his prize as he saw it….her.
She and the butler were thrown to the floor with the impact, she
rolled and lifted herself into a seating position in one move, before
her the butler and the child fought like animals, marge kicked her
feet and pushed herself to the wall, panic stricken as she watched
the brawl, then they broke and circled facing each other, arms ready
and fingers paw like ready to pounce, marge looked, the child stopped
and looked at her, salavia dripping from his fanged mouth, he again
smiled evilly and to marges horror grabbed his groin….she knew the
implication of the act, she could see the bulge as he removed his
hand, he was very aroused, very aroused indeed, she could tell that
what lay beyond those trousers was not that of a boy but of a man, a
large man, marge rose, her back still against the wall, now was her
chance to escape, let these two fight, hopefully to the death while
she escaped.
ran, ran down the hallway, hoping no more doors would open revealing
more horrors, she had to get out, get away, she began sobbing as she
ran knowing she was leaving her children, leaving them in this mad
house……she had forsaken them, she hated herself, hopefully,
hopefully homer had them and was safe, it didn’t ease the pain she
felt, nor the hatred of her cowardice as she ran for her own life.
Door after door she seemed to be going through with no sign of any
exit, it may as well have been a maze, then as she opened another
door, she saw a kitchen and beyond that patio doors then trees,
freedom she thought, with a renewed energy she ran for those trees.
patio doors were open and she burst through them, the cool fresh air
filling her lungs, she briefly laughed as she began to run again,
grass, soft grass beneath her feel, then again, from nowhere an
impact, marge yelped at the pain her back felt, she stumbled, tried
to regain her balance and run but it was no use, she was going down,
her arms flailed in front of her, she felt the soft grass on her
palms, then elbows, then knees as she slowly crashed to the floor.
The breath knocked out of her she instinctively rolled and tried to
get up, something hit her forehead, not hard but with enough force to
knock her back, back onto her elbows, there was enough lights from
the house, its windows and the moon to see what had caused the fall.
child stood above her, he was breathing heavily, from running and
possibly a fight, he had obviously been the victor, and know he stood
astride above her, looking down menacingly at his prize, after what
she had witnessed tonight, it wasn’t her life that she was suddenly
worried about, as it was this child standing above her marge knew she
was going to be raped…….raped by a demon child. She began
sobbing, she looked at his face, he was smiling, he looked her up and
down, his eyes fell to her exposed thighs, her dress had ridden in
her fall exposing a good proportion of her thighs, almost to her
panties, she brought her legs together and pulled down the dress,
covering herself, that’s when he moved, out of anger, an animals
anger, at her for covering herself he dropped down to a crouched
position, his face close to hers, he snarled, marge jerked back
she was sat, her elbows in the grass, propping herself up, again he
looked her up and down, then he moved her dress back up, marge closed
her eyes and looked away shaking, she could tell from the cool air he
had shifted her dress higher than it had been before, she knew all of
her thighs were exposed for him to look upon, not only that but she
could feel the air on her stomach, just above her panty line, he was
obviously looking there too, with a sorrowed look on her face, a pity
look, she turned her head to face him, hopefully to reach his human
side, hopefully this didn’t have to go any further, the look on his
face she knew any attempt would be fruitless, he was staring down at
her crotch, smiling, salavia glistening in the lights, then he looked
at her face, then back to her breasts. A smile appeared on his face
as if he had remembered touching them earlier, recalling what it had
been like.
watched as if in slow motion his hand reached out, she was unable to
do anything but watch, her eyes followed his hand as it reached out
and not only went for her breast but slipped down the front of her
dress and took it in his hand, she regretted not wearing that bra
again, not that it would have made any difference, she was scared and
embarrassed at the same time, a mere child fondling her naked breast,
she also felt letdown by her body, with the cool air and his cold
hands her nipple had become erect to his touch, it felt to her like
she had shown him she was aroused when she certainly was not. She
watched and felt as he caressed her, again with the gentleness of a
child, she felt her nipple tweaked, she gritted her teeth, she hated
herself, she had actually enjoyed the sensation.
had been so hypnotised by his hand, she hadn’t noticed his other
hand, while her attention had been else where it had bee busy, she
saw as he dropped from his crouched position to a kneeling one before
her, his trousers were now very open, threatening to fall down, he
had slipped his underwear beneath his testicles and marge gasped as
she saw his thick long throbbing manhood pointing and throbbing at
her, it was huge, far to big and unnatural for a boy his age, she
couldn’t take her shocked and amazed eyes off it, then she was
brought back to reality, he was going to rape her, where was her
senses, why wasn’t she kicking and screaming and fighting him, NO
she yelled and moved forward to attack, she was far too slow, he had
seen t and reacted infinitely faster than she, his palm pushed out
and connected firmly with her oncoming forehead
grunted as she felt it connect, she was thrown back, and she realised
as she was falling, her legs were opening, or rather being opened by
this boy, her body reacting to the fall not the attack on her legs
did nothing to resist his actions, before she knew it, she was flat
on her back with the child atop of her, she gasped as his weight
pressed down on her, she felt his thick penis press against her
panties, perfectly positioned opposite her vaginal opening, if it
wasn’t for the thin layer of material her panties were his penis
would have been inside her. She felt his hips push forward, she felt
her lips part, felt her panties stretch opposing the want to be
intruder, if his strength was anything to go by, she feared her
panties would be torn and his penis would enter her.
grunted, she felt his weight shifting back and forth, trying in vain
to get inside her, then she felt his hand sliding down her, she knew
he was going to either move her panties to the side, tear them open
or rip them off in either case the end result was going to be the
same……rape. She couldn’t fight, she had to think quick, she had
barely a few seconds,….wait wait she pleaded, he stopped, she
looked at him, a few more seconds she thought…….its no good she
said, not like that, let me, she didn’t know what she was doing but
she had to bide time, had to try and gain some advantage. She reached
down and forced her hand between their two bodies, let me she
whispered to him, her fingers snaked around his thick shaft. Jesus
she thought, it was solid, like rock, she felt the pulsing through
the shaft, it was hot and big, she frowned in disgust as she pulled
back the foreskin then pulled back, let me she whispered, she slowly
began to jerk him off.
was this going she thought, it was working, but she knew it would
only work up unto a certain point, he had one thought on his mind and
that was to fuck her, she had other ideas but she didn’t really
know how to implement them, she rolled, come on she said, come on
I’ll do it, he had at first seemed wary, then curious and now she
saw he was willing to let her take the lead, he was on his back and
now she was astride him, she was sat on his thighs, she knew a few
meters in front of her was the forest and maybe her route to escape,
but how. She began a plan, if anyone with any normality was looking
now they would have thought her a brazen slut at what she was now
had to get his attention, look she said, look, she watched his face
as he lowered his gaze to where she was fidgeting, she had raised her
dress, her legs were wide open as she was astride him, she held his
shaft and patted the head against the gusset of her panties, his
attention was glued to her actions, come on marge think think woman,
then she rubbed her crutch, then she gritted her teeth and took
wished she didn’t have to do what she was going to do, she felt so
dirty, so cheap, she moved the sides of her panties exposing her
naked pussy to this……this kid. It had the desired affect though,
a smiled broadened across his face, exposing the rows of deadly sharp
teeth and horrific fangs, then she fought back sobs as she again
patted the head of his penis, this time on her exposed labia, again
she was shocked at herself as it gave her pleasing sensations, she
could feel the moistness starting between her thighs, no she thought.
Then she stopped, she looked at him and waited until he looked up to
her face, a questioning look, as if he was saying why are you
stopping, marge rose slightly, not enough to make him think she was
trying to escape but enough to do what she intended, she reached up
under her dress and removed her panties.
she say on his thighs, again she patted the head against her labia
and again the sensations, the pleasing sensations cruelly coursed
through her body, she could feel herself becoming wet, she hated
herself all the more for it. She leaned back and instead of patting
the head of his penis, she placed it between the now parted lips, she
saw the moistness of her pussy lubricating his tip, she moved herself
slowly back and forth, being careful to allow his penis to part and
slide along her slit only, NOT enter her, this although getting his
full attention was arousing her more and more, she was really
becoming wet, she even moaned, it had been first to fool the child
into thinking she was enjoying it…….then it WAS because she was
enjoying it.
this had happened within the space of ten minutes….most. From the
time she had first encountered him in the hall to now, his cock
sliding between her lips, back and forth up the ever wettening slit,
the aroused and erect clitoris, marge had to bring this to an end
before she lost herself and …..well did things she would regret for
ever. She lifted her self onto her feet, she took her panties and
rubbed some of her womanly scents onto them, then she placed them on
his face, she saw him inhale and saw his eyes close and he deeply
breathed in her scent, her sexual scent, then she lifted slightly,
sit up she said, he looked at her then obeyed, watch she whispered,
she watched his head and eyes lower between her thighs, her hand
still firmly held his shaft, her free hand slipped between her thighs
and she spread her already opening pussy exposing and showing him her
most secret of areas, then she stood his penis up, raised herself
above it and opened herself more, look you bastard she though, she
lowered herself slowly until the tip touched her.
was almost taken aback herself at the feelings her body treacherously
gave her, the wonderful feelings she had experienced before in her
life, at a time like this she should be feeling guilt and disgust,
revulsion, but the feelings she had matched anything pleasurable she
had had before, she almost felt like lowering herself down onto this
thick pole, for a brief second she wanted to feel it fill her, she
knew what she was going to do, perhaps if I just……….fucking
hell marge she said to herself what do you think……then like
lightening, as the child was staring at his cock touching and about
to enter this hot wet area marge swung with all her might, all her
anger thrown into this one punch, his attention elsewhere he never
saw it coming, it connected perfectly, hit hurt like hell, she
thought she may have broken a knuckle, the child hit the floor
totally unconscious.
stayed there striding him, staring at him, he was definitely out for
the count, she hated him, she wanted to strangle him until he was
dead, but know, pangs of regret hit her, she immediately dismissed
them, he may look like a child now, may look peaceful and harmless
but she knew he was far from it, to add concrete to her thoughts his
thick and still hard cock was in her hand, she had experienced one
other thing apart from the pain in her hand, as she had swung, swung
with such force her body had shifted, shifted down wards and for one
second alone the tip of his cock had penetrated her, she knew, she
could still feel the sensations it has given her as it had opened her
up, only partially and only briefly, she could feel the throbbing
subsiding, he was unconscious, his cock would be limp n minutes, she
would never no why to this day, what she did it, what she was
thinking, or what possessed her, marge had turned and looked at every
window in the house, looked about quickly, sure no one was looking
and no one would ever know, she plunged herself down onto his still
hard but softening cock.
had indeed filled her, filled her like she had never been filled
before, she gasped in absolute pleasure, her hands sank into the
grass and she lowered her head, ohh my god she moaned, Jesus, you are
big she said to the child, she felt it becoming softer and softer in
her, she had to get away, now was the chance, now was definitely the
chance……….just a few seconds, she groaned and gasped the grass
feeling it break and snap in her hands as she raised herself then
lowered herself again, ohh fuck she whispered, again, then
again…….she didn’t care now if anyone was watching, softer, she
could feel it, marge lifted and dropped quicker and quicker, yes yes
yes she moaned, she felt it coming, she couldn’t believe it, but
she was going to have an orgasm, this child, yes child had intended
to rape her, kill her even at first, all she had wanted to do was get
away, kill him if she had to do that, now…….now she was fucking
mansions insides were amass with running bodies, sprawled bodies.
Blood spots were all over the floor, the five initial dark figures
were gorged, gorged upon the blood of man and woman. Other people,
were turning, morphing into creatures of the night, homer had indeed
escaped, he had instinctively gone to the door, and as he had reached
it lisa had come screaming into his open arms, behind her though was
the ashen faced, blackened eyed brother, evil and intent on taking
her blood. Homer had scooped her up and made it outside, sad that
marge wasn’t waiting for him. He had gotten into the car, but that
was it, he hadn’t had time to close the door before he had been
pounced on by throes of children, he felt the teeth sink into his
neck and screamed, he heard lisa scream also………the darkness.
had seen his prey, the woman was cowering under a table in the
corner, she was his, she saw him coming but simply cried and sobbed
uncontrollably as he neared her, beside her, he smelt her perfume,
smelt her fear…….he could smell her pussy. The young woman barely
put up a fight as he sank his teeth into her neck, and his hand into
her cleavage and caressed her breast, the caress an instinctive
action he had barely just known, yet he knew his newly given dark
skills aroused the prey, allowing the blood to run more freely in its
excited state, he sucked as he felt her resistance failing, what
little there had been, his caressing aroused the nipple, he tweaked
it, again the resistance lowered, then to get the final minutes of
pleasurable blood before she became one of he and the blood tasteless
he used the final skill. She was his already, but he desired the
sweetest taste, his hand slipped from her breast and lowered between
her thighs, she willingly opened them for him, the young woman’s
legs opened and he slipped his hand inside her panties, his fingers
instantly traced the slit, he slowed his sucking, the slit was
already wet as he had suspected it would be, he delved his finger
into the deep dark hot wet insides of the woman, she relaxed in his
grip, she moaned, his finger slipped out and up to her clitoris,
slowly at first, then faster, bart knew to rub, the blood began to
taste sweeter, faster he rubbed, the woman’s moans grew, her hips
rapidly bucked then she stiffened and her hips pressed onto his
fingers, juices flowed from her open hole coating his fingers, he
smiled not at the fact he had brought an adult female to orgasm
within four minutes, but because the taste of the blood whilst she
orgasmed was what he had been searching for and got …..nectar.
moved away from the now slumped female, his fingers dripped with her
come, but he didn’t pay it attention, he was searching for his next
victim, he saw her, and recognised her in some past memory when he
had first walked in this house, she had been with her husband, she
was fine looking specimen, he went for her with a swiftness of a cat,
she saw and ran screaming, it was no use, he was going to have her,
she travelled up the stairs, he was gaining when he was obstructed by
another person, a man, it was her husband, with a flick of his arm,
he caught this man in the stomach, he fell over in pain, he fell to
the floor gasping for air, watching his wife as she ran up the
stairs, he saw the demon chasing her, slowly he rose, and followed,
much slower than he could, he needed air. He rose up the stairs,
slowly but getting quicker, he couldn’t see either his wife or the
child but he had the direction mentally placed with her screams.
reached the top of the stairs and went the way he knew, the sounds
had gone he was becoming fearful, he could hear nothing now, he
slowed his run, it became a walk, he called is wives name, nothing,
seconds soon turned to minutes and he had seen nor heard nothing,
tears welled up in his eyes as he feared for his wives safety and
life, then he heard a “no” from the room close by, it wasn’t a
panicky no, simply a normal no, he recognised the voice though
instantly, with a rage he burst into the room to attack the child and
prize his wife to freedom, what he saw stopped him in his tracks. He
recognised the body on the floor, he recognised the dress, he had
chosen it two days ago for her, she wasn’t dead though, the sight
which befallen him was his wife, on her back legs wide with the child
between them, his naked butt rising and falling, obviously pushing
his cock into her, and instead of fighting or screaming he heard his
wife moaning…….in pleasure, suddenly he was impacted from behind
and before he felt the floor hit him he felt a sharp pain as his
brain registered….biting.
hit, it started to calm, then ecstasy as he felt his own cock
stiffening, he watched the young boys hips moving back and forth as
he mercilessly fucked his wife and from this vantage point the could
actually see the penetration, the thick rounded shaft stretching his
wives wet pussy as it plunged back and forth into her, then he felt
his own cock being released and soft nimble fingers slip around the
shaft, he smiled as he felt the unknown attacker expertly begin to
bring him to orgasm, as he felt the darkness wrapping itself around
him, his last human images were of his wives hips reaching up to meet
the downward thrusting of the Childs cock, she seemed to be enjoying
it much more than she had ever done with he…….then darkness.
stood, he gazed down at the form of the woman, her right breast freed
from her blouse, her skirt up and her thighs open, her panties
shredded exposing her pussy, he saw his own cock, still hard from its
recent use, the taste in his mouth sweeter than the last, the cum
dripped from the tip of his cock, thick white dribbles oozed from the
woman’s pussy where he had just exploded into her, bringing her to
that final point where he satiated from the nectar, it seemed and was
noted that if he used his cock as opposed to his fingers the orgasm
was more powerful, the pleasure for him was greater and the sweet
taste at the end was undeniably better, he knew now how he wanted his
turned to exit, as he did so he caught sight outside, a figure he
recognised, but couldn’t place, his mind was losing something he
knew her yet….didn’t, he watched her, set back from the window in
the shadows, she was atop of something….no someone, she was
fucking, it was so clear, she was fucking one of his brethren, it was
supposed to be the other way round, was she taking pleasure from him,
he watched as she took him into her, her knew from her reactions she
had just orgasmed, then slowly he watched her stand, then run off
into the forest.
woman, he somehow knew her, she seemed special to him, and what she
had done, made the prize even greater, he had to have this prey,
nothing would get in his way, regardless of being on the second
floor, or glass was between him, as he saw her form disappear into
the darkness and forest, bart ran and crashed through the window as
if it wasn’t there, he leapt over the balcony and landed on the
soil, firmly, poised like a cat, the hunt was on, he smiled, felt the
throbbing between his thighs, he had to have this one, he wanted it
and was going to have it. With a leap he left the ground, he never
re-touched it either, another new skill, bart was free, the air and
wind thrashed past him, he was weightless, now all he saw was the
tree tops, the mist below, effortlessly he glided down between the
trees, then holding them, the floor a good distance down, he bound
over to the next tree, soundlessly, scanning the area, smelling the
air, the scents…his prey.
breathing had gained some form of control, the rest had been good,
but she knew she couldn’t stay here, she had to find help. She
still found it hard to believe what she had witnessed here tonight
would she be believed would she even live to tell, with that she
pushed off from the tree and began moving again, she was lucky to be
alive, but the cost of what she had done, no, she had done what she
needed to escape, it was what she had done after, when she had the
chance to get away, everything else, regardless of what it was had
all been for self preservation, it was the last bit which was
selfish, corrupt to disgusting and humiliating to remember, she had
succumbed and fulfilled a degrading lust, she had fucked her
attacker, a mere child, she had had the chance then to get away, she
disgusted herself as she imagined again as she had lowered herself
onto that cock.
had been running now for, she didn’t know how long it could have
been fifteen minutes, it could have been five, the forest thankfully
hadn’t become thicker, then ahead she saw something that made her
smile, even a soft laugh was heard, she made her way towards it, it
was a clearing or sorts and within was a swing of sorts, granted it
was handmade, roughly hand made, but it was a sign that people or
kids had been here, maybe it was a sign she was getting close to a
house or something, then she spied a little further ahead….light,
yes light it was a house possibly a farm, how far had she come, the
swing was getting closer, it appeared to have be built at the very
bottom the houses garden, she was nearly there, she could see the
light clearer now, it looked warm and welcoming, movement was inside
the house, she had made it, then she felt a pain at the back of her
head, had she ran into an unseen branch…..the thoughts went, only
darkness as she crashed to the rough floor.
keen smell and homed him to her, he could smell her clearly, then he
saw her, he approach changed and he silent glided down, she was still
within the trees but making her way to a clearing, as she reached the
clearing he swooped, from behind he kicked out as he passed her
connecting at the base of her skull, he couldn’t see her now as he
passed, but he knew she was going down, he heard the conformation as
a heavy thump his the soil, inaudible to the normal ear, but bart
heard it clearly. He turned and landed beside her, he was out in the
open, it didn’t fear him but he had an instinct to keep in the
shadows when possible. He spied a device close by, a wooden
construction, a simple wooden plinth was being suspended from ropes,
he recognised it briefly as an activity device but couldn’t place
the name, he smiled, it was perfect, he had other uses for it know.

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Simpsons Porn Story: Lost Without You Chapter 5

Simpsons Porn Story: Lost Without You Chapter 5

She made her way to the hospital and went to the desk to find out where to go. The receptionist was sorting through papers and managed to staple her fingers together. Lisa rolled her eyes.

Excuse me, I got a phone call. I heard someone got in a fight.

My fingers hurt, the receptionist said, looking as though she was about to cry. Looking at her name on the badge she soon realised why this seemed so familiar.

Are you married to Ralph Wiggum by any chance? she asked and the woman smiled.

Yes. Do you know him?

I used to go to school with him.

Can you pull this staple out? she asked Lisa, holding her hand out. Lisa pulled it out and then made an excuse to leave.

What is this hospital coming to? she muttered as she walked down the long corridor in the hope of finding a doctor who could help her. She soon found someone who showed her to another part of the hospital.

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Simpsons Porn Story: Stress Relief

Simpsons Porn Story: Stress Relief

On one Tuesday in the Simpsons residence, something scandalous happened. What started off as just another weekday for Marge Simpson quickly escalated into something much more.

Tuesday morning, when it is time for Bart and Lisa to go to school and Homer to get to work. The day progressed routinely with Lisa and Homer eating their breakfast, ready to start their day. Bart, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen.

A momentary silence was followed by a very tired Bart Simpson walking into the kitchen, still in his pyjamas. He looked sleep deprived and could barely stand up on his two little feet.

‘Young man, why are you not ready for school?’ questioned Marge, anticipating one of Bart’s whacky excuses.
‘I don’t feel too good mom, can I please stay home today?’ he replied in a weak voice.
‘HAH!’ exclaimed Lisa. ‘You don’t honestly believe mom’s gonna fall for that one!’
‘But…I’m serious. Mom, you gotta believe me.’

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Simpsons Porn Story: Lisa is Pregnant Chapter 1

Simpsons Porn Story: Lisa is Pregnant Chapter 1

Bart and Lisa un in the mountain. Snow everywhere. They were no suit for the weather. They where normal cloths and they get sick. They wood die!

“Lis’ its a life or death situaytine.” Bart said as he unzipped his pants.


“It’s life or death and we must live on and get warmed up somehow!”

Bart was the right! But Lisa was reluctant but gave in to incest.

He took off her cloths and slid it in her (he didn’t have pants just panty so Lisa kept clothes on was easy, and roughed her up. Lisa put her arms and legs around Bart for support. Eventually he cam in and he went unconcious on top of her to Lisa clutched onto his body and feel asleep, Its a good thing Lisa had recess recieving organs or she wood have tired out from the workout like Bart Simpson.

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Simpsons Porn Story: Bart & Lisa Teenage Lovers Part 1

Simpsons Porn Story: Bart & Lisa Teenage Lovers Part 1

“Bart…mom and dad.” She stopped for a breath “will be home soon.”  “Nah you’re right Lisa I’ll just take this out for you.” “No! Give me your dick…mmm…mm…” Her hot mouth resumed its masterful sucking, her lips swirling in circles around her brother’s 6 inch shaft. Her tits and the rest of her body bounced and swayed as she rhythmically sucked Bart off back and forth. He gently gripped her spiky head, urging her back and forth as his dick spa sing with pleasure.

The familiar loud car could be heard, or rather, the screeching of the tires, as Homer executed a donut for his own amusement (not particularly worried about Marge’s reaction) a few feet from the driveway, before hastily speeding up and having to put even more strain on the brake pads which should have been replaced years ago, stopping just in front of the garage door.

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This whorey red-haired likes to use her caboose to make guy to jizz!

Simpsons And Anime Porn Videos

Hentai Picture: This whorey red-haired likes to use her caboose to make guy to jizz!
The chick goes freakish taking sperm into her asshole and drooling cum out into receptacle… Current article features only hottest personages of Simpsons and involve them in all sorts of horniest adventures! Busty Miss Horner from Simpsons is going up and down with a massive vaginal invasion in the entry…

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Marge Simpson like gonzo hook-up with ebony studs

Simpsons Porn Cartoon

Hentai Picture: Marge Simpson like gonzo hook-up with ebony studs
Those bitchy Simpsons ladies have such seductive bodies that it would be entirely rash action not to make them scream with pleasure! Fuckable Marge Simpson flaunting nude in front of cum and sextoying her pussy with a rubberdick. The report features only teen characters from Simpsons and gets them in all kinds of perverse situations!

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Simpsons Porn Story: Horny Bart

Simpsons Porn Story: Horny Bart

It was Bart’s 15th birthday. He was walking back from school with Milhouse and stopped by his house only to see marge and Milhouses mom naked. This was no mistake. Marge and milhouses mom decided now that Bart was a young man it was time for him prove himself. Marge unzipped Bart’s pants only to notice his 8 inch cock nice and hard.
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If Homer is on a work and Marge wants lovemaking she is always wellcomed in bart’s apartment…

Cartoon Porn Simpsons

Simpsons characters do it again a scorching new episode of this bizarre sex toon that cannot have enough of raw sex and for their sexual desires. The most pleasurable part for hot bitches of Marge Simpson’s tv-show and is to be engaged in wild banging parties with horniest studs provide their tight fuck holes. Petting and caressing is the way each Simpsons porn routine to commence, but but the continuation can never be foretold! ;)

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