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Stellar Spinning

Beautiful and sexy Margie is a fan of slot machines. Anal sex is also a passion of hers. Homer purchased a slot machine at her house to mix the two. Margie is having funand Homer is having all his sexual pleasure. He repeatedly fucks her over. Then she places it in her mouth. This is all anal sex. Are you ready for the next step? Let's go.

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Halloween Special

The story is very brief but at the equally thrilling tale of the method to celebrate Halloween with the famous family of the Simpsons – in just couple pages you'll discover the funniest costumes, funny jokes, andofcourse some sexual themed moments! But we really hope he that you completely underatsnd that this all is just parodies and that this book is for entertaining purpsoes for the adult audience only.

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Space Slut

It’s time for the Simpsons family to move on… to a blaze! But they’re not all togetherbut only Lisa Simpson this time yet the fact has some positive aspects – this blonde chick has growned up in all the right places and now she looks amazing with these body curves being wrapped in the perfect latex bodysuit! She will also be more attractive without the bodysuit.

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Treehouse of Horror – Mansion of ache

It is hard to believe, Marge Simpson and Edna Krabappel are the next victims of this frightful disaster on a tropical island. Kiddnapped during the late hour walking, they will be the test subjects for a mad scientist who is dreaming about making all women hungry animals that are unable to hide any of their sexy desires!

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Marge Softcore Dreams

Being a wife provides Marge Simpson with a lot of fun in the house. Perhaps this is why she finds the moments she’s at home by herself so precious! Because when else she could dive into the world of her most vivid fantasies about large and muscular men with their huge boners to staisfy each and every of her pimples? Thanks to the comics parody genre, you are now able to indulge in her fantasies in a more graphic way!

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The Simpsons 23 Intelligence Test (Netzfund)

Bart is not a well-rounded student. Today, he stayed after school to review the subject of reproductive biology. The teacher is an older woman with big watermelons. She loves young boys and Bart is aware of that. He decides to lure the teacher into a fling to get credit. Bart shows his fatty dick and shaves. Mm.. he’s great. The teacher strips naked and begins sucking the juicy dick like a cheap brothel. Bart is then able to seduce the teacher in front of the huge office desk. Enjoy.

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